Research Interests

I have expertise in both geoscience and geographic information system and am fascinated by interdisciplinary research projects. I am currently a research assistant working on 1) the software development to facilitate the data management and data sharing between geoscience labs at different universities (the Sparrow system), 2) natural language process on extracting spatiotemporal data of ice-rafted debris from the literature to reconstruct paleoclimate, 3) comparison between computer-generated climate model and real-world temperature data from proxies in the past 22,000 years from a spatial and statistical perspective, and 4) evaluating the age model of Cretaceous period in Macrostrat and creating new stratigraphic columns and polygons in this database.

Previously, I have utilized my specialties in geoscience and GIS in various interdisciplinary projects that are related to other fields including ecology, environmental sciences, social sciences, anthropology, and history. My M.S. thesis at Tulsa was on the application of numerical simulations (Finite Element Method) to the study of final geometries of buckling folds embedded in heterogeneous matrices. In addition to these, I am also interested in data visualization, visual analytics, and cartographic design, especially interactive web-based maps.

My Current and Past Research


Holocene Climate

Oil Prospects

Earth Data Mining

Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Induced Earthquakes



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